Foal Auction August 14 & 15: Top collection of foals with interesting genes

Foal Auction August 14 & 15: Top collection of foals with interesting genes

Foal Auction August 14 & 15: Top collection of foals with interesting genes 1200 628 Stal Brouwer Holland

At the auction, which takes place on 14 and 15 August in “Buitencentrum Kerkemeijer Borculo”, you will find 49 dressage and 85 jumping foals from breeders who are customers of Stal Brouwer, Team Nijhof and van de Watermolen. All foals have one thing in common: they all are a descendant of proven maternal lines / proven tribes full of sport. You will find the foal champion of CK Drenthe and fillies directly from the tribe of Kashmir van ‘t Schuttershof.

That H&M All In of swedish top rider Peder Fredricson (gold team and individual silver) and H&M Indiana of Malin Baryard-Johnson (5th) both have Kashmir van ‘t Schuttershof as father is no coincidence. The fact that Kashmir van ‘t Schuttershof inherits jumping gene will not come as a surprise to anyone. But we have in the auction, just for the ambitious breeder/rider, offspring from the line of Sissi van ‘t Schuttershof, jumped 1.60 herself and the full sister of Kashmir.

Very interesting is the filly Ruby Tuesday van de Kalevallei, a daughter of Highlander VDK x Vigo d’Arsouilles. Highlander VDK is ridden by Jur Vrieling and the third dam of this foal is Sissi van ‘t Schuttershof. From the same tribe is also auctioned the dark brown filly Repeat After Me van de Kalevallei (Andiamo Semilly x Numero Uno), a granddaughter of Sissi van ‘t Schuttershof.

Also in the auction we have the filly Don’t Tell Me What To Do (Kashmir van ‘t Schuttershof x Douglas). Mother Colette jumped 1.40 m herself and her mother Maroucha in turn brought two 1.40 m.-jumping offspring. Great Z is a son of Grandorado TN from a mother descended from Kashmir.

Promising jumping stallions
It goes too far to discuss all foals now, but the collection is absolutely promising and future-oriented. There are descendants of young stallions such as Ramos JW van ‘t Meulenhof TN, Kitt SB, Opium JW van de Moerhoeve TN, Komme Cassall TN, Dorian Grey TN and Poker de Mariposa TN. But foals have also been selected from the proven stallions Highway M TN, Grandorado TN, Eldorado TN and Emir R. The hybrid auction (live and online) can be attended live in Borculo on Sunday 16 August. Online bidding is possible, after registration.

Foal champion dressage
On Saturday 15 August, 49 selected blood-made dressage foals will be auctioned. We auction the foal champion of Drenthe: Ramiro VH (Livius x Kansas C) this excellent foal may soon compete with the best foals in the Netherlands at the National Foal Inspection in Ermelo. The comments of the KWPN inspector, Marcel Beukers, at the inspection in Exloo are promising: “This is an impressive colt with a lot of development, which is strongly built and is well in the rectangle model. He has a lot of front, a good top line and makes himself even more beautiful in movement. He trots with a lot of posture and technique, and also gallops with good flexibility and self-posture.”

Ragnar BS (Dante U.S x Bretton Woods) is also worth a special mention. “A striking foal from a tribe from which Grand Prix performances come from. In addition, we also auction spectacle: Rico (Las Vegas x Manno), not only because of his pedigree, but above all also because of modern bred model, his self-posture, hind leg use and tritt.

In short, too many beautiful things to mention, look and register quickly.
Of course you are very welcome and we would also like to see you live at the auction in Borculo! Get your tickets.